Transvaal Training: How to become a construction workerP

Getting into the construction industry is one of the most rewarding careers, especially when you work as a construction worker. Over the years, the demand for skilled workers has been increasing, offering competitive wages and benefits. 

This, in turn, allows you to build a lifelong career and advance to higher positions in the long run. You can become a superintendent, a foreman or a project manager since construction skills can be used in different trades. 

However, like any other career, becoming a construction worker requires you to undergo appropriate training. You must know the safety precautions since you will handle heavy machinery, use complex tools and build structures. Simply put, being a construction worker means that your training will teach you how to value everyone’s safety above all else.

So, if you’re interested to work in the construction industry, here are the following requirements:


Most employers will require you to have a high school diploma but you won’t be obligated to have a college degree. This is because they will oblige you instead to take classes in a woodshop, basic mathematics and welding to make sure that you can handle what the job entails.


Once you pass the prerequisites and get a job, employers will train you on how to use equipment and complete construction-related tasks. You will be under supervision by a project manager or a team leader that will guide you along the way, teaching you safety precautions and the proper handling of tools.

In addition, you can take apprenticeships to develop more specialized skills that can be used across trades. Apprenticeships typically take two to four years to complete and combine comprehensive instructions with on-site training. You will learn how to read blueprints and follow safety protocols, allowing you to work with minimal supervision when you’re in the field.


As a construction worker, you should obtain certifications to prove that you have a general understanding of the construction industry. For instance, you will be required to get an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Construction Certificate. 

This certificate will assess your knowledge of hazards and mandated safety precautions. It will also teach you how to file a complaint in case a careless accident happens at work.

You also have the option to get a certification in crane operation. In this way, you will learn how to successfully operate a specific type of crane that meets the safety standards of a company to reduce the risk of injuries. You can also learn how to use aerial lifts or boom lifts since it’s a practical skill to have in the construction industry.

There’s no denying that becoming a construction worker is rewarding, but the road to get there may be challenging. So, to help you get on a good start, contact Transvaal Training now!

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